Herzlich willkommen!

Schön, euch zu sehen. Ich bin Altan Uyak. Schaut euch ruhig bei mir um und lernt mich kennen. Damit ich weiß, wer mich hier besucht, könnt ihr mir gerne eine Nachricht über mein Kontaktformular senden.


Ich nehme mir immer mehr Zeit für ausgiebige Reisen. In meinem Fotoalbum zeige ich euch Bilder aus meinem letzten Urlaub. Schaut unbedingt mal rein

Dear visitor,

My name is Petra and i live and work close to Frankfurt in Germany. From childhood on i´ve been creative.

My first experiences with modeling clay began in the kindergarten, where i loved to make little things like buns and greenstuff.

Later on i made jewellery of felt, felted critters, painted and started to sculpt with polymer clay. If i could, i would like to do all things together, but days are to short... ;-).

For me it´s the best creative medium and it is always a pleasure to see, how the little creatures start "living" after hard hours of work.

From time to time, a doll leaves my private collection. If you are interested, please feel free to take a look here.

Also i made a new website, which you can check out here.

Thank you very much for visiting!

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